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Gina is experienced in all types of machines: domestic (home sewing), sit down longarm (table mounted), and stand up longarm (track mounted). She o ers classes for all types of machines, techniques, and projects. Her classes can be easily customized for your group based on interest, experience level, and machine type.

Quiltside Tools – (hands on or lecture/demo)

Join Gina Perkes as she shares with you her favorite quilting tools. You will discover how to use stencils to quickly mark designs onto your quilting space then how to plan stitching paths to reduce or eliminate backtracking by adding secondary designs in your quilting. You will also learn new techniques for using a variety of ruler styles. Discover how to outline applique’ shapes with precision using specialty guides. You will learn a variety of methods for marking designs onto your quilt top with no fear and how to consider threads and setup your machine for success with quilting using specialty threads!

Modern Designs – (hands on or lecture/demo)

Let’s face it, Modern quilts are hot! They provide a beautiful canvas to showcase amazing quilting designs. Join Gina Perkes, as she shares with you a variety of modern designs which will enhance your quilts perfectly. Discover how to manage negative space by creating foundational dividing shapes which are then lled in using more elaborate designs. Some of the designs you will learn include: gridwork basics (an introduction to rulers), geometric patterns, modern ller designs, and more! You will also gain many tips on decorative thread success, tension, trouble shooting, machine set up, and more. This is a fun and stress free class lled with creativity and tips for success.

Leave-In Foundation Piecing

Gina will share with you her award winning techniques for foundation piecing. Her technique eliminates the need to remove the foundation as she utilizes a unique stabilizer as her foundation which remains in your work. You will start your project with a basic block then advance to a mariner’s compass. You will create a beautiful wall hanging and become hooked on foundation piecing!

Domestic machine – (hands-on)

The Fundamentals of Free Motion Quilting

This is a great class for those wanting to learn the basics of free motion quilting using a home sewing machine. Gina will introduce you to a wide variety of exercises which will train you to successfully execute many different quilting motifs. Discover how to gain control, become fluid in your designs, and manage negative space. Also discussed in class will be: machine set up, troubleshooting, tension, threads, ruler work, and tools of the trade.

Longarm – (hands on)

The Fundamentals of Longarm Quilting

This class will take the beginning longarm quilter to the front of the machine to gain confidence in free motion quilting and begin learning how to use rulers for straight lines. Gina will introduce you to a wide variety of exercises which will train you to successfully execute many different quilting motifs. Discover how to gain control, become fluid in your designs, and manage negative space. Also discussed in class will be: machine set up, trouble shooting, tension, threads, and tools of the trade.

Fantabulous Feathers and Fills – (hands-on or lecture/demo)

Feathers are amazing! They can be stylized and are incredibly versatile. Gina will show you how to find your own unique style in your feather work. There are a variety of techniques for drafting and stitching feathers which can be used in different applications from block and border motifs to freehand work-experiment with them all!You will then explore the exciting world of ller designs which will make your feathers jump right o the quilt! Gina will show you how to avoid backtracking when an heirloom look is desired and how to select threads and achieve control for intricate work.

Beauteous Blocks and Borders

(hands on or lecture/demo)

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the arduous task of creating quilting designs to t your borders? Have you ever lacked the confidence needed to design one-of-a-kind block motifs? Gina will show you how to find inspiration and simplify the drafting process. You will learn how to design block and border designs using Gina’s award-winning techniques. You will learn how to mark your quilt top both prior to quilting and after quilting has begun, gain control, achieve balance, select and use threads, and much more! Whether you consider yourself an artist or are intimidated by the thought of drawing, you will come away with new confidence and techniques that you can begin using on your own quilts!

Glorious Grids with Fillers

(hands-on or lecture/demo)

Fear grids and fills no more! Straight lines can be your best friend. Use grids for both ruler work and as a guide for perfectly spaced free-hand designs. Students will gain confidence in producing beautiful cross-hatching and unique variations using minimal tools. Learn how to use temporarily marked grids as a guide for spacing beautiful freehand designs. A variety of unique freehand filler designs will be explored and you will learn how to achieve balance and control in your work.

Free motion appliquilting

(Hands on or lecture/demo)

Discover how to combine quilting and applique’ into one step! This technique is the ultimate in multi tasking. You will discover how to prepare applique‘ shapes using both turned edge and raw edge techniques. You will then learn how to stitch your shapes to the background using a large variety of decorative stitches which are done free motion! Create a whimsical wall hanging while learning many wonderful techniques that will enhance your work and inspire you for future projects. Gina’s classes are always filled with tips for success and fun!

Intricate Quilting for Show


Join Gina as she takes you through the process of creating beautiful one of a kind quilting designs which can be executed on many different styles of quilts. Do you ever wonder how those award winning quilters come up with those amazing quilting motifs? You will discover where you can find inspiration in unexpected places and how you can begin creating your own eye-catching original designs that will perfectly t your quilting space. You will also come away with a multitude of hints and tips for marking designs, using decorative threads, creating balance, and setting up your machine.

How do I quilt this?


Do you ever find yourself uninspired when it is time to choose a quilting path for your finished quilt top? The quilting process plays a very important role in the overall success of the quilt. Gina will help you to determine an appropriate quilting plan for your quilts by addressing three important topics: function, style, and design. In her slide show, she  will share with you photos of quilts in a variety of styles. She will then give you examples of how she would approach the quilting. Students are encouraged to send photographs of quilts to be discussed in the presentation.

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